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Paris Air Show: Recap & Highlights

Posted by Bruce Webb on Jul 5, 2017 11:01:00 AM

The Paris Air Show is the largest and most famous Air and Space Exposition worldwide and the 2017 version at Le Bourget airport did not disappoint the huge crowds that braved the blistering heat. From a historical perspective, it was the 90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s 33 hour solo flight from New York to Paris, a route that commercial passenger jets routinely fly now in 7 hours. In these 90 years, aviation technology has advanced at near lightning speed and the Paris Air Show is the world showcase of aviation technology, a stage for a myriad of companies—from the huge aerospace conglomerates to the small, innovative startups—to display their latest innovations. Every other year, Boeing, Airbus, GE, Honeywell and dozens of other U.S. companies and foreign competitors introduce their newest technologies here. Among the 2017 highlights:

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