News & Noteworthy

“Technology” – Part 1: An Overview

I, II, III . . . . GO! The Beginning is the End of ECR

Sanctions Screening Software Isn’t Foolproof

"Technology" - Part IV: License Exceptions

Overcoming Compliance Transitions

The Value of Snapshot Assessments

Export Control 101: Commodity Jurisdiction

Technology Controls, Part III: Definition of "Required"

Heightened Scrutiny for "Emerging" Technologies

Using National Stock Numbers for Commodity Classification

Smoking Hot: Proposed Changes to USML Categories I, II, and III

CTP Expands Service Offerings with Digital Services Group

OFAC Tries the Carrot and the Stick Approach with Russian Aluminum Giant

Jurisdiction, Classification and Licensing: A Primer

"Capable of" Confusion

“Technology” – Part II: Development, Production, & Use

Thinking About Investing in Petro? Not If You Don’t Want OFAC On Your Case

Bigger and Better: Update from the RTC

Beware of Contracts Signed By Specially Designated Nationals

Paris Air Show: Recap & Highlights

Turning Back the Clock on Cuba…Kind of

Exceptions to Exemptions in Part 126: Considering UK, Australia and Canada

Exporting to Hong Kong? Don't Be Caught Flat Footed Come April 19

Deemed Export Risk in the I-129 Visa Petition

Engaging and Empowering Communities through Community Policing

The Future is DECCS

Obama Administration Moves Full Steam Ahead on Cuban Policies

Preparation for Classification

Update from the RTC - September 2016

"Surge" or "Flow" - Optimize Your Classification Strategy

Harmonizing the Destination Control Statement: What You Need to Know

Update from the RTC

How Much Will My Classification Project Cost?

Focusing on Voluntary Principles in West Africa

Close but Few Cigars

The ABCs of the CCL: Spotlight on Parts and Components

The ABCs of the CCL: New Series on Commodity Classification

Just In Time Classification Services

On Your Mark, Get Set... The I-129 Race

What's Your Compliance Risk Perimeter?

3 Tips for Export Control Audits

HTS Codes vs. Schedule B Numbers

Next Best Thing – Export Control Style

Crunch Time for Export Control Compliance

Coming Soon . . . Definitive Definitions

Update from the RTC

DDTC Licensing Office Poised for Reorganization

Sea-Air-Space 2015

CTP Organizes Investigative Criminal Analysis Course in Ghana


Transnational Training Continues at RTC in Ghana

Fall Speed Ahead

CTP Mid-Year Report

Judiciary Course in Accra, Ghana

Reforms on Satellites Arrive

Border Security Collaboration in West Africa

Real Compliance Risks for I-29 Visa Petitions

Investigative Training for Benin, Togo, Nigeria & Ghana

CTP Supports CLDP Events in Ukraine and Pakistan

Round 2 of Export Control Reform Now in Effect

CTP Delivers a Transnational Organized Crime Investigations Course

West African Regional Training Center: Gaining Momentum

Recent Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) Events

Export Control Assistance in Mongolia

'Cheat Sheet' on Export Control Reforms

Turbulence After New Fly-By-Wire Entries on the CCL

New DSP Forms 5, 6, 61, 62, 73, and 74 (v 8.0)

Tbilisi Trademark and Copyright Disputes Workshop

West African Training Center Gaining Momentum

DTAG Meeting Materials Provide ECR Insight

Category XV Reforms: Different Rationale but Similar Beneficial Result

BIS Provides Two Web-Based Decision Tools

Exporters say: "Thanks . . . I Think?"

News From the OFAC International Trade Symposium

Export Control Discussions at House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing

Export Control Reform: Basics to Benefits

The 600 Series is Coming!

Final Rules Published for Initial Export Control Reform

Special BIS Webinar on Reform Initiative

UN Arms Treaty Reveals U.S. Divisions

Export Control Changes Debated in Satellite Industry

CTP Delivers West African Anti-Corruption Workshop

White House Pushing Export Control Reform

Where Wolf in London?

African Regional Training Center

CTP Holiday Party

CTP Facilitates Civilian Response Corps Training

Meeting Facilitation for Environmental Protection Agency

European Regional Megaports Conference

CTP Supports OFAC Outreach Symposium

Habitat for Humanity Golf Event

Export Control Reform: Gathering Momentum

Dog Day Charity Triathlon